Hallway Restroom Double-Sided Sign - 6" x 6" - Men, Women, Unisex, Handicapped

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    Hallway Flag Bathroom Signage

    Can't find the restroom? You can with our corridor restroom signs. Add a touch of class to any restaurant, spa, store or office environment. These sturdy and permanent two-sided bathroom signs mount easily with metal mounting brackets; the brackets are included, but each customer will be responsible for providing screws.

    These personalized restroom signs can read any way you like. For example, one customer's sign read: "Tawnya's Bathroom", etc. Standard restroom signs read "Restroom". Simply enter your text below if you want your restroom sign to read otherwise, add arrows, etc. Choose the appropriate graphic for a men's restroom sign, women's restroom sign or a unisex bathroom sign. Each graphic is also available for handicap accessible bathrooms.

    Our unisex bathroom signs, male restroom signs and female room double-sided corridor signs are ideal for restaurants, hospitals, builders and contractors.

    Mounting hardware included (#6 x 1" Screws & Plastic Anchors).
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