Custom ADA Signs

Custom ADA Signs are perfect for ANY situation.  Get any logo, color, or lettering put on these ADA compliant custom signs by Office Sign Company.  Braille, Colorblind Friendly Colors, and more options help keep your business or building ADA Compliant.  We have a variety of materials, styles and options to customize any of our signs to your needs, but can also custom make any sign you have in mind with considerations for ADA compliance and accessability.

Our Custom ADA Signs contain proper tactile graphics, grade 2 braille and are available in virtually any ADA compliant color combination.  If you need braille or custom engraved signs not listed on this page, simply email us for an ADA braille sign quote for your next project or building, or ask one of our Account Managers for help at (701) 526-3835.

Have ADA sign questions? Take a look at our ADA Braille Guidelines.

ADA Braille Sign Color & Installation Guidelines

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How to install ADA Compliant Braille Signs in your building.