Modern Bamboo Restroom Signs 8" Diameter

$55.00 - $58.00
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    Contemporary Wood Bathroom Signs

    8" Round (1/4" thick) bamboo restroom signs are a contemporary look for any bathroom in your office building, restaurant, shopping center, or workout facility. Round, engraved wood restroom signs include graphics with a more modern feel. Male female bamboo restroom signs are neutral tones that will fit in with almost any decor!

    These wood restroom signs are made primarily from bamboo—an Eco-friendly, renewable resource. Select any combination of gender graphics you need with an accessible graphic option also available to be engraved on your signs.

    If you need a specific size or shape, contact our customer service team with your details via email at or via phone at (701) 526-3835 and we will send you a quote.
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