Send Us Your Logo or Artwork


Sending us your logo is a simple process - email your art to us at or click here to forward us your corporate logo.

You can email your logo or art to us BEFORE or AFTER you place your sign order. We'll attach your logo to your existing order or to any future sign order.

Please let us know if you already have an order in house or if you will be ordering after your logo is sent.

When sending us your logo, there are a few guidelines to follow to help us create the highest quality office signs and name plates.

Use the logo guidelines below or feel free to call us with inquiries on your custom artwork, text and color logos at (701) 526-3835. Our artists can be emailed at All art and custom text is added to your signage at NO additional cost.

  • Preferred logo files are .PDF, .EPS and native program files such as Adobe Illustrator (.ai). If unsure on what sort of art files to send, consult your marketing department or Graphic Design team leader.
  • Artwork in vector format or artwork converted to "outlines" is the preferred method of receiving logo and art files, and Adobe Illustrator files work perfectly for vector-based artwork.
  • Low resolution images such as those downloaded from a web site are less than ideal. Web sites use a low resolution (72 dpi) that are not suitable for high quality office signage. When sending bitmap files it's important to acquire a file that is not only a high resolution file of 300 dpi or greater, but also the appropriate size in regards to height and width.

Redrawing/Tracing Logos Policy

To preserve our reputation for producing high quality signage, we require vector logos and design files for a majority of our sign and print goods. We understand that not all of our clients are able to provide vector (scalable, high definition) logos, and we are happy to work with any client on getting these made. Please familiarize yourself with the following policy related to redrawing and tracing logos:

Redrawing/Tracing Logos

Redrawing or Tracing logos refers to the process by which our designers will turn your raster (image) logo files into vector files. To begin the process, a Customer Success Manager or Account Manager will work with you on editing your files to make them print ready. This will involve the following:

  • A vector logo will be requested by a Customer Success Manager or Account Manager if your logo’s quality is too low, making it unable to print, engrave, or otherwise be brandished on a sign or related product.
  • The fee for redrawing or tracing of logos is $60/hr, with a minimum fee of $30.00 (for any logo that is redrawn in 30 minutes or less).
  • When we redraw your logo, we will send you the vector files via .zip folders or a Dropbox folder, so that you may access them for future use (at no additional cost).
  • We will also keep a copy of your vector logo on hand to be used for any additional sign orders with Office Sign Company.
  • NOTE: if an order is placed prior to a conversation happening with a CS Manager or Account Manager, then you will be called by a member of our team if your logo needs to be redrawn of traced. At this point, you can either deny the service (and the additional fee) and be refunded, or we will tack the additional amount on to your invoice (if approved).

With any questions related to this policy, please contact our Customer Success team by calling 701-526-3835 or emailing