Purchase Orders

Office Sign Company typically requires payment before production may begin for your signage. However, some organizations are required to have products in hand prior to payment being issued. In these instances, a signed purchase order will be accepted as a binding legal contract promising payment for products ordered. Purchase orders will only be accepted from businesses operating and shipping goods within the US.

Before submitting your order, we will need a complete and correct copy of the PO that includes the following information:

  • Our contact information: Office Sign Company / 310 NP Avenue / Fargo, ND 58102 / P: 701‐526‐3835 / F: 701‐356‐3836 / E: service@officesigncompany.com
  • Correct pricing including all applicable obligations (shipping, tax, artwork fees, discounts, etc.)
  • Accurate quantities, product names and part numbers
  • A valid signature and date authorizing payment

Please note that as an Internet-based company, we only charge tax to our North Dakota customers. All other customers will not be charged sales tax. Our customer service representatives would be happy to compile a comprehensive price quote that includes the information above for you. Feel free to e‐mail them at service@officesigncompany.com with the quantities and products you’re interested in, along with your shipping address, so that an accurate shipping rate may be calculated. Payments for purchase orders are due within thirty (30) days of receipt of the product. Payments received after that 30‐day period are subject to service fees. A 1.5% fee will be issued to the account every 15 days payment is late. We accept all major credit cards and checks for payment, which may be sent to the address noted above. Please be sure to reference your order number on any payments or enclose a copy of your quote if the order has not yet been placed.

If payment is not received by the ninetieth (90th) day after receipt of product, customers will be sent to collections in order to retrieve payment for the products provided.