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Office Sign Company Gallery

Myriad Motorsports

This bus wrap stands out as one of our favorite projects of all time. Myriad Motorsports, a racing organization that Office Sign Company proudly sponsors, competes in a variety of regional events and purchased a large city bus to take racers to and from their tournaments. We were approached by Myriad with the idea to design & fully wrap their bus, and make it a statement for all other race teams to see. Our team got to work diligently designing all four sides of the bus, printing the graphics (a mix of digital vinyl & window perf), and applying the completed design to the contours of this bus. Take a look at the completion photos.

Testimonial: "Office Sign Company has KNOCKED THIS ONE OUT OF THE PARK. BEST wrap job we've ever seen. And it's on the #racebus." - Jake Joraanstad, Founder of Myriad Motorsports

OSC Garage

Sometimes you need to treat yourself to a little signage, too. Aspiring to bring a heightened sense of beauty to the industrial road behind our downtown shop, we challenged our graphic designers to create a digital vinyl design that would garner attention from cars who drove past our garage. Sure enough, Instagram photos and tweets started to pile up from locals who spotted our garage graphics. The design is dedicated to a question that those who live in Fargo, North Dakota often receive: "Fargo… like the movie?" This garage graphic was printed, cut, and applied by our talented team at Office Sign Company. Check it out for yourself!

Testimonial: "Ever since we added this garage design, the traffic behind our building has seemed to increase almost 100%. We love this design, and it's a warm sight to walk toward every morning." - Jack Yakowicz, Marketing Coordinator for Office Sign Company


One of our favorite yearly events is TEDxFargo. Since 2014, Office Sign Company has been heavily involved in the aesthetic appearance of the TEDx location through our implementation of various forms of signage. In 2016, we unveiled the most signage yet — including window perf on exterior windows, hanging foam core signs, large format prints on plywood, and a large X graphic made from floor vinyl. One of the most unique parts of this signage package is that everything was designed by our graphics department in house. We were very proud to produce the signs for this impactful event, and also enjoyed attending the event itself, too. Take a look at the various signs we implemented!

Testimonial: "Love this! Cheers to Office Sign Company for being a rockstar partner of TEDxFargo." - Annie Wood, Organizer for TEDxFargo

BlackRidge Bank

One of the most enjoyable parts of producing signs for our clients is hearing the reason behind why they need their new sign. BlackRidge Bank, prior to the window vinyl that we installed, had a variety of pedestrians walking into their brand new corporate office thinking that it was a restaurant! (And honestly, after seeing their amazingly-architected space, I don't blame passersby for wanting to get a glimpse of the interior). To help identify this company even better, we got to work on designing and implementing their exterior signage. Due to the fact that this vinyl was to be installed at the end of December in North Dakota — a bitterly cold time to apply window graphics — we used digital air-release vinyl for the job. The end results were great! See for yourself.

Testimonial: "The seal looks great, thank you!! The vinyl really pops in pre-daylight hours."- Ron Lee, VP of Marketing at BlackRidge Bank

Youngblood Coffee Co.

Youngblood, a new addition to the Downtown Fargo coffee community in 2016, approached us about needing an exterior sign for their grand opening in five days. Our team came together to design, fabricate, and install this exterior-grade polymetal sign with digital vinyl overlay. The sign was installed just in time for their grand opening. Oh, and by the way, the coffee that they serve is pretty dang good, too! Great coffee goes well with great signage. Let us know what you think of this project!

Testimonial: "Looks great!" - Tim Griffin, Owner of Youngblood Coffee Co.

Prairie Den

In 2015, Emerging Prairie (a local non-profit organization that aims to connect and celebrate the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Fargo-Moorhead) took over a space in Downtown Fargo to operate as a co-working space. This essentially would be an incubator for startup businesses that served as an affordable and collaborative office for operation. They called this space "The Prairie Den." Lucky for us, we were able to make their home an official home with some contour cut vinyl signage on the exterior door. Check it out for yourself!

Testimonial: "The Prairie Den is getting official! Check out our new signage from Office Sign Company..." - Emerging Prairie Instagram


Concordia College, a small liberal arts school in our neighboring town of Moorhead, Minnesota, held their first ever TEDx event in 2015. For those unfamiliar with TEDx, it is a privately-funded event aimed toward informing & inspiring attendees about topics relevant to their lives. We were approached by the organizers of TEDxConcordia, who had seen the work that we had done for TEDxFargo the previous summer. Walking through the Offutt School of Business, we finally arrived at Barry Auditorium and were introduced to a large set of windows. "Do you think we can put an X on there?" the organizers asked. About a week and a half later, we were there, installing some cut, opaque vinyl to the windows. Careful planning was done to ensure that the panels of vinyl were designed correctly. We were quite proud of the way this vinyl install turned out.

Testimonial: "Thanks again for your support of our TEDx event. Office Sign Company did an incredible job..." - Justin Odney, Organizer for TEDxConcordiaCollege


Unseen is a great local non-profit who focuses on raising awareness for human trafficking across the globe. Unseen being one of our good friends in the community, we wanted to make sure to knock their new signage out of the park! The cabinet was already attached to their building, but the inserts were a yellowing polycarbonate with an outdated logo. We cut down some new sign grade acrylic to fit the cabinet and applied a digitally printed vinyl with their new logo (a black print on white material) to create these wonderful new inserts. The team at Unseen was pleased to have their new brand represented in a bold way.

Testimonial: "The team at Office Sign Company was amazing to work with and now we finally have something that reflects our brand. Our new sign helps create awareness and helps us increase the fight against human trafficking from downtown Fargo. Thank you so much for helping legitimize our brand and share this mission with this amazing community!" - Melanie Iverson, Development Director

Prairie Heights Community Church

Being able to do some of the signage for this newly built church was pretty neat. Prairie Heights was founded back in 1999, held its first service in 2001, and has grown to over 1,100 people attending Sunday services. The signage they decided on was both unique and creative. My personal favorite was the Rosie's Coffee Cafe sign made on reclaimed wood.

Testimonial: "Your team has been excellent to work with! Thank you for your great work ethic." - Beth Nelson, Director of Connections at Prairie Heights Community Church

TrinSPIN, Inc.

TrinSPIN was founded in 2011 and built a beautiful showroom in 2016 in South Fargo. They are known for putting a unique SPIN on things, so that's exactly what we did with their signage. We created something unique. Take a look at those neat chalkboard nameplates. They're 3-dimensional and everything. And those restroom signs... have you seen anything like them?

Hatch Realty

One of the most memorable parts of working with the team at Hatch Realty was seeing the creative vision and intentionality behind each sign they implemented. Walking through their office, you get a great vibe for the culture and creativity that emanates throughout that building. We were lucky to have an opportunity to help Hatch with both some exterior window vinyl and signage, as well as some interior signs — both illuminated cabinet signs and non-illuminated branded signage

Testimonial: "Office Sign Company has been the sidekick who contributes to our growth and success. Their customer service is what makes this company one you need to work with. They're incredibly talented, they're patient and take the time to bounce ideas back and forth, they can work with any budget and they truly go above and beyond for their customer. In a world of every company and business trying to be the best at customer service, Office Sign Company is the master. We look forward to working with them every time a need arises, and they're always first on our call list for printing, name badges, interior and exterior signs and signs for all our events." - Andrew Young, Marketing Director, Hatch Realty

Woodrow Apartments (Kilbourne Group)

The Woodrow Apartment Complexes were (at the time that we produced their signage) one of the newest & most cutting-edge apartment facilities to pop up in Fargo in quite some time. The vision of Kilbourne Group, Enclave Development, Doran Companies, and everyone else involved in the building of these apartments, was top notch. We handled the compliance signage and the unit signs, as well as some window vinyl for this complex. The most unique signage we did was the unit signs. Since Woodrow used to be a school, we wanted to utilize some photos from the old schoolhouses on the ADA Braille signs we produced for them. This involved printing on the backside of clear acrylic, as well as putting tactile and braille on the front, to make for a one-of-a-kind unit sign. Check out some examples of what we did!

Testimonial: "The team at Office Sign Company is great to work with! If we have a vision for a project, their team helps make it a reality by delivering a quality product and offering helpful suggestions along the way. Thanks for bringing our vision to a reality for this project, delivering a quality product and offering helpful suggestions along the way!" - Anders Johnson, Leasing Support Specialist, Woodrow Apartments

GoodBulb, a premier e-commerce distributor of lighting solutions, is to this day one of the greatest groups of people we've been able to work with. The company was formerly known as "LightBulbs247" but went through a re-brand in late 2016. We were there to help with some of the signage portion of the rebrand, including making their new lobby sign, providing them with retractable banners for trade shows, engraving their yeti-style mugs, installing decals on their company vehicle, and crafting new name badges for their staff. Take a look at the signage we did for GoodBulb!

Testimonial: "We could not be happier with Jack and the team at Office Sign Company. They have been a great partner in launching GoodBulb. Always quick to respond with exceptional customer service — the whole team is AWESOME!" - Shara Fischer, GoodBulb

A&B Business Solutions

A&B Business Solutions has one of the greatest showrooms in Fargo. Not only because of the huge printers and copiers that are for sale in their show room, but also because of the great wine cellar that is directly adjacent to the room. Brandyn and the team at A&B were looking for some new signage to both signify their own brand, but also to show off some of the brands of printers, copiers, etc. that they offered. We were able to produce some unique painted & metal laminated signs for their space, which really helped bring their showroom to the next level. Check out the work we did!

Testimonial: "Working with Jack and the Office Sign Company has crew been a pleasure from the very first contact, and their attention to customer service and quality has always been second to none. I would, and do, recommend their services for any sign-related need for your business or home, and A&B Business Solutions truly appreciates the mutual business they offer to us as well!" - Brandyn Vetos, A&B Business Solutions

Altaire Medical Spa

Altaire is a great client because they thought of signage right away! We got to walk through their facility as it was still being constructed, which gave us an ample amount of time to build signage that would fit the aesthetic of their space to a tee. We produced gold metal laminated dimensional letters for their logo signage upstairs, and used some curved ADA-compliant sign systems with wood inserts for their suite signage. The team was an absolute joy to work with, and seeing our signage on the walls has been awesome every time we've come back to visit.

Haute Yogis

Haute Yogis is another great start-to-finish project for us, as we were able to do everything from their logo design to their exterior and interior signage. Brady and the team at Haute Yogis were an absolute joy to work with, and seeing their hot yoga studio + juice bar come to fruition has been great. We produced some dimensional PVC signage for behind their reception desk, etched vinyl with digital prints for their studio windows/doors, and new translucent vinyl for the exterior cabinet sign panels. Take a look at some of the work we did.

Testimonial: "Special thanks to Office Sign Company for the amazing work they have done at our new location. Great service and you can tell they truly care about their customers. We would recommend them for any sign service you might be looking for!" - Brady Sprague, Haute Yogis

FM Area Foundation

The FM Area Foundation, a local non-profit who distributes scholarships and funding to a variety of entities and individuals in the Fargo-Moorhead area, came to us in need of some creative ideas for their interior signage. The team at FM Area Foundation is some of the kindest individuals you will meet, and they wanted their interior signage to be as inviting and eye-catching as possible for guests. We produced signs of all sizes for the interior office, including custom name plates with channels for removable inserts, a beautiful trustees lobby sign, some wifi signs, and desktop nameplates. The entire team was very pleased with the work we provided; take a peek for yourself.

Testimonial: "First of all, thank you so much for your work with us on this sign. You took our ideas and made it happen. It turned out great! We had a class from NDSU Interior Design in our office last week to see how the design of an office can effect operations and how to incorporate an organization's branding into the design of a space. We gave many plugs to Office Sign Company. Whenever we give tours, we always mention Office Sign Company and the great work you do, not only in your field, but in the community. I will be contacting you in the near future to discuss some promotional items we are in need of. Thanks!" - Courtney Larson, Marketing Director

Twenty Below Coffee Co.

Twenty Below is one of the most adored coffee venues in town and a shining example of what a great business relationship should look like between sign-maker and sign-recipient. We've been overjoyed to work with Ty, Mike, and the entire team at Twenty Below. The signage we have produced from them has encompassed exterior wood signs, window vinyl, hours of operation signs, and more. We've even been able to make some t-shirts for this gang! They are a terrific client, and we've been honored to work with them to produce some signage that matches their brand. Take a look at the work we've done for them.

Testimonial: "The crew at OSC is by far the best in the industry that we've had the pleasure of working with. After receiving some outrageous quotes for signage elsewhere, trying to convince someone else to make us exactly what we wanted, and feeling like we might have to make our signs ourselves, we were surprised at how easy Office Sign Company was to work with. They took our concepts to reality, and installed them SO quickly. Beyond the scope of work they do and how well they do it, their customer service is what really blew us away. I know that they value us as a customer not just by their words, but by their actions. When we needed a product that they didn't make, they figured out a way to get it done. When we had an order that was messed up, they went to great lengths to make it right. As long as they keep doing what they're doing and our company is operational, they will have our business." - Ty Ford, Co-Founder of Twenty Below