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FAQs: Frequently Asked Sign Product Questions

I vividly remember my 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Weaver, telling me "Jack, there's no such thing as a stupid question." I think she was just being nice to me, because her response came as a follow up to me asking "When did the world get color? My grandparents' pictures are all black and white." Of course, when it comes to the world of e-commerce and how your business is going to spend their money, none of your questions (no matter how crazy) should be disregarded. After all, your company's money is valuable and you want to make sure that you are purchasing through the right vendors. Naturally, individuals and businesses that are looking to purchase new signage for their office have many questions to ask.

Over the years, Office Sign Company has been blessed with the opportunity to create some pretty awesome signs for some even more awesome clients. Operating as an e-commerce sign manufacturer in the great city of Fargo, North Dakota, our website(s) have garnered interest from all over the United States and beyond. Our customer service team is always happy to answer questions from both existing and potential clients, however, below are some of the inquiries we routinely receive at Office Sign Company, so we can help you get a better understanding of our processes. Chances are, if a customer has a question, they aren't the only one who is wondering. The questions listed below (and their corresponding answers) are some of the most frequently received inquiries that our service team fields:

Q: What is your return policy? | Return to Top

Because we pride ourselves on our quality control, if there are any sort of defects or problems with your order that are caused by our error, we will do all we can to make things right for you. If you are looking to have your sign replaced or redone, let us know as soon as possible! We are also willing to issue a full refund if you would rather take that route. To receive a refund, customers are responsible for letting us know within 30 days of order receipt if defective or damaged signs have arrived. The best way to notify our team is to contact or call us at 701-526-3835 immediately upon noticing the defect or damage (make sure to have your order # or payment information on hand so we can identify your order!). Office Sign Company is not responsible for the misuse of our products, or for orders that were entered incorrectly on our website - although we do try to catch as many mistakes as we can when it comes to spelling errors.

Since so many of our sign orders involve custom text, print, logos, etc., we do not offer exchanges or refunds on undamaged custom products. Stock products (frames, partition pins, etc.) that do not include customization may be returned within 30 days if they have not been used. These stock products will be subject to a 25% restocking fee, however.

Finally, if you place an order that you wish to cancel, make sure to notify our service team immediately. If an order has already gone to production or shipping, it no longer qualifies for cancellation. For our full return policy, please visit Office Sign Company's Return Policy page.

Marc from our Shipping Department at Office Sign Company

Q: What is your production time on orders? | Return to Top

Our standard production time is 3 - 4 business days on all orders. For custom products that are not seen on our website, and other extenuating circumstances, the production time is elongated but we try our best to have all orders produced within two business days from an order being placed. We also work exceptionally well at expediting orders if a customer has a day set in mind that they need their product in hand. Whether it is a door nameplate, metal name badge, flush mount office sign, or vinyl banner, all of our departments are equipped to withstand our quick turnaround time on orders.

One of our cornerstone principles at Office Sign Company is agility; we aim to be as efficient as possible for our customers and get all orders into your hands as quickly as possible. If you ever have any questions regarding when your order will be completed, or if you are looking to have your order go through as a "rush," please notify our customer service team of the date you need your signs by and we will happily work to accommodate you.

Stephen in our Engraving Department

Q: Do you offer international shipping? | Return to Top

Short answer: Yes. We have done work with a variety of great businesses across the globe, and are happy to take on new projects with international clients.

Long answer: The costs of shipping internationally vary drastically based on location, and are also affected by weight of the package (costs are especially high with larger items such as some of our dimensional signage and custom routed and engraved signs). With any questions regarding the cost of international shipping on our signage, please contact our service team who will promptly provide you with a quote on your estimated shipping costs.

We offer basic and expedited shipping options for our international customers, and are proud to announce that we are a Non Resident Importer (NRI) to our Canadian customers. All international orders will be reviewed and shipped at the discretion of Office Sign Company. Please note that customers will be responsible for imports VAT, clearance fees, or any other charges incurred during international transit. Have any questions? Call us about your international sign order today at 701-526-3835.

Shipping from Office Sign Company

Q: Do you offer digital proofing? | Return to Top

Yes, we do - and better yet, it is entirely free of charge. We understand our customers' need for a digital representation of their sign either (a) before an order is placed, or (b) before an order is moved into production. If you are interested in having our team create a digital proof, please send your request to and include the following information:

  • Sign or product you would like to have proofed
  • Vector art file (will explain a few questions down) of your logo
  • Text, font, and other pertinent details for the product

Our talented team of graphic designers is happy to work with customers until they are satisfied with how their designs look. If you put in a request for a digital proof, it is our goal to have that digital proof (in the form of a .pdf) sent your way within 24 hours. Once the proof is approved, orders will move forward. Take advantage of our FREE digital proofing today by sending us your logo or artwork!

Digital Proof PDF from Office Sign Company

Q: Is there an extra charge for customization? | Return to Top

No. There is no additional charges for custom text, logos, colors, fonts, etc. that are used in the creation of your signs, coasters, mugs, and anything else you order from Office Sign Company. Personalization is built in to our costs on our website, so you will never be surprised with any hidden fees related to customizing your products.

We understand that every individual and business has different needs. Customizing your sign to align with your workplace aesthetics or your company's brand is a crucial element in the implementation of new signage solutions. If you have any questions regarding customization, please feel free to contact our service team to find out more!

Not only can you, but you should! Whether it is having your logo printed on a metal name insert, or having it engraved into a custom restroom sign, we are happy to include your logos on all of the signs that we produce for your company. Interior office signage is a great way to incorporate your brand and affixing your company's logo to your signage is just one more way that your signs can be enhanced.

To send your logo our way, visit this page to learn what you need to do. You can also speak with our service or art teams to see if the complexity of your logo will pose any sort of issues with our laser engravers, vinyl cutters, etc.

Cool Wooden Signs from Fargo Sign Shop

Q: What is a vector file? | Return to Top

If you have had any sort of graphic design experience in your past, feel free to keep scrolling. If not, then you may be confused with the term "vector art file" and why it is so important for your signage. Well, don't worry, we can provide you with some insight.

What is Vector Art?

What is Vector Art?

Vector art is a term to describe any logo or design files that use mathematical elements such as points, lines, and shapes to create art that looks clean and precise, even when scaled to larger sizes. Vector art files play a huge rule in the world of graphics & design, especially for larger scale prints and engravings.

Why is Vector Art Important?

In the print world, we are oftentimes looking to produce your logo on an office sign, vinyl wrap, poster, or digital print that can be quite large in size. If a logo is sent via .jpeg, or .png, and is only high quality (300 dpi or better) in a size that occupies a couple square inches, the logo will look extremely pixelated and low quality when scaled out to a size that occupies multiple square feet of area. However, if you send your logo in a vector art file, it can easily be scaled out to larger (or smaller) sizes without distorting the quality of the print or engraving. See the graphic below to identify the difference between vector art and raster art (files such as .jpeg, .png, and .bmp). PLEASE NOTE: photos are always raster art, and never vector.

Vector Artwork vs. Raster Artwork

How can I tell if my Logo is Vector?

So, how can you tell if your logo or design file is "vector"? All vector art files originate from a vector illustration software program, such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. The file types that vector art are most commonly saved as are .ai, .pdf, .eps, and .svg (note: just because your art is saved in one of these files does not necessarily guarantee that it is vector). Whether you have a graphic design team in house, or outsource your design work to a different company, they should be able to help you identify whether your logo is vector or not. You can always email our team at to have them check on your logo file, as well! Logo checking is an entirely free service we offer to make sure the signage you desire comes out flawless. If your logo is vector, we will be able to move forward with your new signage. If it is not vector, don't feel doomed: we can redraw your logo and make it vector for an extra fee. Call us at (701)-526-3835 to speak with a representative and learn more about vector art and art redraws.

Q: Do you manufacture your products in house? | Return to Top

Absolutely, we do! Aside from certain frames, mounting options, and magnets, virtually everything that we offer on our website is handmade by the good people at Office Sign Company. We pride ourselves on having products that are made in the United States, and think 'why outsource signage products when we can do the best job ourselves?'

As of April, 2016, Office Sign Company operates out of two separate facilities in Fargo, North Dakota. Our production team is located in the industrial park of North Fargo, whereas our corporate office is in Downtown Fargo. Our team of 30+ individuals works diligently to place orders, create artwork, produce signs, check orders, and ship packages from both of these facilities. We are proud to say that our sign products are made in house, and are lucky to work with many close clients and vendors!

Mike in our Routing Department at Office Sign Company

Q: How can I receive a quote? | Return to Top

Although many customers call in to receive pricing on custom signs and bulk quantities, we can only send quotes through email. This makes sure that both the customer and our internal team have everything in writing as it relates to pricing of signage products. If you are looking to have a quote on a custom sign or a wholesale / bulk quantity, please reach out to our service team with your request and they will promptly provide you with a quote. Thank you for your understanding!

Mike in Customer Service at OSC

Q: Do you offer warranties on your office signs? | Return to Top

Office Sign Company does not offer warranties on our products, unless otherwise specified on the product listing itself. We stand by the quality of every sign we offer – from our custom door nameplates, to our dimensional lettering – but as an e-commerce company, we do not offer a warranty on the products we sell. Signs are subject to aging based on environmental factors such as the sun, weather, and location to the ocean, but also due to human interaction and misuse. Since we sell such a wide variety of products to a diverse number of locations, a one-size fits all warranty service for our products is nearly impossible. That being said, we stand by the quality of the signs we make and the quality of the service we offer. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of our sign products, please contact us at or by calling 701-526-3835 so one of our helpful representatives can put your worries to rest.

Q: How do I take the lens out of a curved sign and replace the insert? | Return to Top

1. Carefully engage the suction cup tool to the clear face.
2. Gently pull outward to remove the face.
3. Align insert with clear cover before reinserting.
4. Reinstall the clear face by placing the left edge of the clear face under the left edge of the alumnim holder while carefully flexing the clear face, guide the right edge of the face under the right edge of the alumnium holder.

How to replace curved sign insert

Q: Can flush mounts go on cubicle hangers? | Return to Top

Absolutley, flush mounts can go on cubicle hangers

Cubicle Hangers and Flush Mount Signs

Q: What is the difference between "cling", "decals", and "stickers"? | Return to Top

Often used interchangeably by individuals looking for printed graphics to apply on their windows or walls, these terms actually refer to very different things in the sign industry. "Cling" is a printed graphic that can stick to glass surfaces simply through static (there is NO adhesive on clings). Cling is most often used in scenarios where a client would like to put up a graphic that they can easily remove and reuse at a later date. "Decals" can refer to a variety of vinyl products including cut vinyl graphics (masked together for an easy transfer), printed vinyl logos, heat transfer vinyl for shirts, and more. Where a decal differs from a sticker, is that "Stickers" are typically just a smaller version of a decal, used mainly for small application purposes. It’s rare for us to produce stickers that exceed 6" in width, whereas we’ve made decals that are up to 100" in width. If you have any more questions related to these vinyl products, please contact our service team at to learn more!

Vinyl Stickers Custom Printed and Cut

Q: Does too much heat or direct sunlight affect the print on my Metal Name Badge? | Return to Top

In some rare instances, you may see too much heat or direct sunlight impact the print on your name badges. If you do run into this issue, please contact our customer service team and we'd be happy to assist you in getting a new name badge!