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Office Sign Frames - Color Chart (Metal Frames) - Architectural Office Signs

office sign frame colors

This page displays the various metal sign frame colors available. The various frame colors allow for easy color coordination to match your office interiors, existing office signage and company decor.

Please note: Every computer monitor displays color a differently so please be aware of this when using this color chart as a guide. Please use the color notes below to aid in choosing the correct sign frame color. Not all colors are in stock and readily available. Certain colors will need additional fabrication time.

  • Satin Silver - matte silver
  • Polished Silver - a brighter silver that has more shine than the satin silver frames.
  • Matte Black - rich black
  • Rose Gold - a satin rose gold color, much like a new penny in color
  • Polished Yellow Gold - a bright yellow gold frame color
  • Arch Bronze - a rich, dark brown with a neutral taupe hue

Office Sign Frames - Color Chart - Architectural Frames - Molded Plastic

architectural office sign frames

Plastic Signs Frames and Sign Frame Colors Images
wholesale sign frames white sign frames and almondcolored plastic sign frames gray jrs plastic frames by wholesale
Warm Brown, Arch Brown and Black
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White, Almond and Pewter Grey
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Medium Grey/Charcoal
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