Office Sign Mounting Options

Please consider a few ideas for hanging our office signs, door signs and room signs. Professional office nameplates enhance any office environment with a consistent look throughout your building, rooms, hallways or reception area.


Office Sign Company offers a variety of mounting options (most at no additional charge) to best suit your needs and mounting surfaces. Most options have very specific applications, so please refer to the appropriate section below for the mounting option you have selected for installation instructions. Please note that we include enough of each selected mounting option to accommodate the size and weight of your signs.


Office Sign Company does not accept responsibility for damage resulting from improper installation. Customers are responsible for determining the suitability of each mounting option. Testing is recommended prior to each use. Consult your local building codes/regulations for requirements regarding mounting height.

Double-Sided Foam Tape

Our industrial-strength, double-sided foam tape creates a very secure bond between your sign and mounting surface. We offer both a thinner white foam tape and a wider black foam tape; unless specifically requested otherwise, we will include whichever type we deem most appropriate for each sign type. The foam tape is suitable for most hard surfaces, including walls and doors. Please note that if your surface is porous or coarse, a secure bond may not be obtained using our foam tape, in which case other mounting options should be explored. A clean surface is also advised for the best bond. We do not guarantee foam tape on dirty or porous surfaces. Adding a silicone adhesive to the back of a sign on a bumpy or porous surface is recommended to aid adhesion.


If you determine that the double-sided foam tape will best suit your needs, we will attach enough strips of tape on the back of your sign to accommodate both its size and weight. To adhere your signs to your mounting surface, simply remove the protective paper from the adhesive strips and affix the sign accordingly. Start with a clean mounting surface to ensure optimal adhesion and be sure to measure and mark the exact location of your sign prior to adhering; the tape will instantly bond with your surface and is difficult to relocate once bonded.


If removal of your sign is necessary, the foam tape may damage the mounting surface if not removed with care. Do not pull on your sign to remove it from the wall; this may cause damage to your sign, as well as the mounting surface. It is best to determine where the tape is located on the back of the sign and then insert an object such as a putty knife between the tape and the mounting surface. Gently but firmly separate the tape from the surface, working with the direction of the tape strips (i.e., if your tape runs in vertical strips, start at the top of the sign and work your way down).


A chemical adhesive remover, such as Goo-Gone, can be used to remove any residue left behind after the tape has been removed from the mounting surface.