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Sneeze Guard - Hanging Ceiling Mount

Sign Price: From $55.95 to $146.10
PPE Sneeze Guard
PPE Sneeze GuardCeiling Mount Sneeze GuardHanging Snap RailS Hook and Hanging CableNylon Line Ceiling Mount

Hanging Sneeze Guards

Hanging Sneeze Guards feature a ceiling-mounted, aluminum snap rail system that holds lightweight, 7 mil clear polyester film. Suspend these hanging sneeze guards easily where physical separation is needed.

Adjustable hanging clips slide along the top rail so you can hang where required. The clips feature both a top opening for clear nylon line mount and a recessed pocket for S-hook suspension. The rails snap open and shut for quick and easy changes or ease of cleaning.

Custom kits with lengths up to 60 inches are available upon request. E-mail our customer service team at with all of your details for a quote.

Product Details:

  • Aluminum snap frame
  • Guard Material: durable, lightweight clear polyester film (7 mil thick)
  • Available in 4 standard widths / heights: 24”, 30”, 36” and 48”
  • Custom kits up to 60"H available upon request
  • Snap rail for quick and easy set up
  • Easy to wipe clean & disinfect
  • Assembly Required
  • Purchase mounting kit separately

Click here to purchase a Ceiling Mounting Kit

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